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Weekly Scaffold inspection & checking


We can provide a full inspection and checking service to all our clients. Whether it is checking a built scaffold prior to handover or inspecting special scaffolds periodically during their period of use. A full written report includes digital photographs to support our findings and recommendations. 


We will issue or accept handover certificates or issue independent reports, where appropriate to validate your scaffold to provide proof that it is built in accordance with NASC TG20 lastest edition or the design.




















Scaffolding Audits


JS Safety Associates can provide a single scaffolding audit which can be used to ascertain the adequacy of completed scaffolding structures. As well as managing arrangements of the scaffolding contractor and/or the client.


To ensure compliance with BS5975:2019, Code of Practice for temporary works procedures and the permissible

stress design of falsework. To review arrangements and operational safety onsite, including compliance with SG4, TG20 and Work at Height Regulation 2005 (as ammended).


The range and depth of each audit can be specific to meet each customer's requirements and the end report will provide detailed findings, conclusions and recommendations.


In House Training


We can provide SG4, and TG20 update management and scaffolder awareness in accordance to Work at Height Regulation 2005.


We also provide yard staff appreciation course;

  • Material inspection

  • Depot health and safety awareness


Work Base Recorder

The A1 Assessor Award (Level 3) enables JS Safety Associates to give scaffolding companies assistance with the candidates to assess their skills, knowledge and understanding of the portfolio and enable the completion to achieve the CISRS card. 

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